Veelead launches Microsoft Power BI online services

Monroe Township, NJ, September 18, 2021 – ( – What is Microsoft Power BI?
Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides tools to aggregate, analyze, display, and share data to non-technical business users. For users familiar with Excel, Power BI’s user interface is quite intuitive, and its strong connectivity to other Microsoft products makes it a highly adaptable self-service tool with little initial training.

Why Microsoft Power BI?
Microsoft Power BI is used to discover information from a company’s data. Power BI can help you combine different data sources, transform and cleanse data in a data model, and visualize data using charts and graphs. All of this information can be shared with other Power BI users across the enterprise. The ability to run reports and surface insights based on a company’s data is an important advantage of Microsoft Power BI. Power BI can connect to a variety of data sources and “tidy up” the information it receives so that it is more easily digested and understood. This data can then be used to generate reports and visualizations that can be shared with other users.

Power BI allows users to see not only data from the past and what’s happening now, but also what might happen in the future. Power BI recognizes patterns in data and uses those patterns to make informed predictions and conduct “what if” scenarios with machine learning capabilities. Users can use these estimates to create projections and prepare for future demand and other key factors.

Veelead Solutions launches Power BI online services:
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Veelead Solutions launched a Microsoft Power BI online implementation and support service. With more than 10 years of experience, the Veelead team knows business challenges and has the skills to meet them through Business Intelligence. Our company tailors our Power BI support services to each type of user and serves customers with varying degrees of technical expertise, ranging from users with no previous experience with Power BI to professionals who simply need support in non-business situations. trivial. Veelead Solutions is now ready to help businesses with Power BI online services while maintaining a high level of transparency and requiring minimal administrative resources from the customer.

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