TikTok ventures into music; Indonesia blocks access to online services due to moderation laws

In today’s ExchangeWire news roundup: ByteDance ventures into music with ‘TikTok Music’; the Indonesian government bans many online services for violating the country’s content laws; and Spotify is signaling a shift to audiobooks by buying Findaway.

TikTok turns to music streaming

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has reportedly filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a service called “TikTok Music”. The short video platform has already proven influential in popularizing the songs and musicians featured in the platform’s viral trends and challenges. The trademark filing explained that TikTok Music would allow users to “live stream audio and video interactive multimedia programs in entertainment, fashion, sports, and current affairs.”

Indonesia bans sites violating moderation laws

The The Indonesian government has blocked access to Steam, PayPal, Yahoo and other companies after failing to follow the country’s content moderation laws.

MR5, the overarching legislation, states that “private electronic system providers” can only operate in Indonesia if they have registered with the government database. Businesses that did not register by July 27 now face a nationwide ban. The MR5 also gives the Indonesian government the power to collect internet users’ data and order companies to remove online content that “disturbs public order”.

Spotify acquires Findaway for $123 million

Streaming giant Spotify bought Findawaya service that allows users to create, publish and monetize their own audiobooks.

The $123m (£100m) buyout will provide Spotify with an audiobook feature, which company CEO Daniel Ek described as “a huge opportunity”. Ek added that audiobooks will be integrated into Spotify’s service “very soon”.

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Fact of the day

523.9m – the number of people in the world subscribed to a music streaming service in 2021.

Source: MIDiA Research

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