The service company will be part of the metaverse: here’s how

The term “metaverse” gets thrown around a lot in the media these days, and has left a lot of people still quite confused as to what exactly this thing is. It is described as a “virtual reality world” and “a way to better access augmented reality in everyday life”. That’s great, but it’s also adding more jargon into the mix. For example, what is the difference between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)? It’s easy to see how people get confused.

For now, let’s just say that the Metaverse is a virtual space that only exists as a digital entity, but theoretically also a space where people can interact more as if they were really there. Imagine “The Oasis” from the hit novel and movie Loan player one and you get the idea. What if we told you that the first service companies are already ready to enter the Metaverse? But how could that work if everything is virtual, right? Well, one thing we believe in is that the Metaverse is coming, and it will be here to stay to enhance our work, our games, and our experiences.

Let’s explain:

Context: Virtual Reality (VR) VS. Augmented Reality (AR)

The main difference between these two is the level of immersion the user experiences. When connecting to a VR space, the user wears a headset that blinds them to the real world around them and immerses them in a fully virtual, fabricated environment in which they then interact.

When connecting to an AR space, the user can see the real space around them through glasses or a special screen, and see additional digital features appear in this real-world view. AR technology is already quite widely used in areas like interior design. For example, you can now hold your phone’s camera in your living room and see how a new couch you’re looking at would fit into that space as it magically appears in your camera view. It is also used in car navigation systems where directions on the head-up display appear directly on the road in the driver’s eye line and will soon be used by service companies like Wings Mobile Detailing which will allow people to ask for the specific details of the car. service they will need on their vehicle. Alright, I know, it’s still confusing how that would turn out. Well, let’s continue.

How can service companies like Wings Mobile Detailing exist in the metaverse?

The Metaverse falls under the virtual reality umbrella, but actually brings together virtual reality and augmented reality. It is a more immersive virtual environment in which users can interact with others. It’s like a version of the Internet that you can browse and explore. But how can we get real-world physical services through the metaverse? We are about to find out!

Take the example of automotive aesthetics. Imagine you wanted to have your car detailed, but you weren’t sure what level of trim to buy. These options for example:

You can log into Wings Mobile Detailing, for example, in the Metaverse, then put on your AR glasses while you look at your car. You can then use the Wings AR system to select which parts of the car most need cleaning, and perhaps which don’t. You can customize a package this way and create a service that you are happy with.

This assumes the AR glasses will be compact, maybe the APPLE GLASSES.

You can then confirm the car detailing service, book an appointment, then wait for the Wings team to arrive (in the real world) and perform the task you have set. You can even organize all the payments and everything else online, keeping everything simple and streamlined.

Metaverse and Real World Combined – A Brighter, Simpler Future

Overall, what it means for services to operate in the metaverse is to allow the fun and interaction of in-person service to exist alongside the convenience of online shopping. It also brings the virtual world and reality closer together, working in a sort of symbiotic partnership to make life easier. We’re not there yet, but as each day passes dreams come true by leaps and bounds, but as long as we still live in the physical world, people still need to access the Wings website ( as opposed to Wing METAVERS.

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