TECHCROSS deploys new service software

Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) manufacturer TECHCROSS has announced that it is expanding its offering to include a Tank Level Gauging System (TLGS) and a Remote Valve Control System (VRCS). The company has also deployed TECHCROSS IBTV (Integrated BWMS/TLGS/VRCS), a control platform that can integrate all equipment for optimal operation, and a service software called TECHCROSS Smart Platform.

Developed to help improve efficiency and reduce expenses, TECHCROSS IBTV is designed to help manage equipment and troubleshoot BWMS issues, while the TECHCROSS smart platform helps prevent the cause of the problem at the forward by storing and analyzing data from the TECHCROSS BWMS in real time. The service can be used at any time using the ship’s Wi-Fi or LAN cable at no additional cost or equipment, and it is possible to check the status of the ship and equipment anytime, anywhere communication is available.

TECHCROSS said its new offering will help customers save time and expense through reduced maintenance. He added that the expected life of equipment increases because TECHCROSS can address potential issues before they arise. TECHCROSS can also improve equipment performance through the use of acquired equipment data.

Veronica J. Snell