Target’s delivery service company scams workers: Ellison

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison filed a Hennepin County lawsuit Thursday against Shipt, Target Corporation’s same-day delivery service.

According to Ellison, Shipt wrongly classified his delivery people — known as Shipt “Shoppers” — as independent contractors to avoid the cost of providing them with job protections guaranteed by Minnesota law.

Attorney General says Shipt potentially deprived thousands of his Minnesota workers of state and local minimum wage protections, local sickness and safety hour protections, overtime protections, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation benefits.

“I’m suing Shipt because instead of following the rules of most Minnesota employers, Shipt is taking advantage of Minnesotans to enrich themselves while leaving workers to fend for themselves,” Ellison said in a press release.

“Unlike other employees, these workers don’t know how much they will be paid on a day-to-day basis, and they often don’t receive the minimum wage and overtime to which they are entitled.”

Ellison said Shipt and other workers who think their employer misclassifies them should call his office at (651) 296-3353.

Patch has contacted Target for comment.

Read the full lawsuit below:


Veronica J. Snell