SKT CEO Announces Vision to Become a Digital Services and AI Company

SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM, hereinafter referred to as “SKT”) today announced that CEO Ryu Young-sang has hosted a public meeting to present the company’s new vision to transform into a “service company digital infrastructure and AI “that creates new value through customer-centric technologies and services, and fulfills its social responsibility.

During his speech, CEO Ryu introduced three business keywords: Customer, Technology and Service. He stressed that the company should focus on securing the most innovative technologies and creating customer-oriented services to maximize customer value and satisfaction.

Ryu also stressed the importance of maintaining the company’s position as the premier service company in Korea that provides seamless and stable connectivity based on solid infrastructure, while contributing to the advancement of the company.

SKT aims to achieve annual turnover of KRW 22 trillion in 2025 by strengthening its competitiveness in three key business areas namely fixed and wireless telecommunications, AI service and infrastructure service digital.

In fixed and wireless telecommunications, the company will continue to expand its 5G network coverage to enable customers to enjoy stable 5G service anywhere, anytime.

To better meet the diverse customer demand in the media market, SKT will strengthen its competitiveness in IPTV by creating synergies with SK Broadband and lead new market trends by converging OTT and home multimedia services. It will also increase its investment in original content, while expanding its partnerships with various global players.

SKT will accelerate its growth and innovation through AI services. It plans to introduce “AI Agent”, an AI-based service that integrates all products and services of SKT and its ICT subsidiaries. AI Agent will deliver differentiated value by offering personalized services that meet the needs and preferences of each client.

It will continue its efforts to dominate the subscription services market by offering greater benefits to customers through an expanded “T Universe” product line. It also plans to transform its “Ifland” metaverse service into an open platform and deliver an enhanced user experience through partnerships with companies across various industries, including gaming and entertainment.

In the area of ​​digital infrastructure service, SKT will build more data centers in response to the growing demand for data centers and actively develop opportunities in the global data center market.

The company will also drive the growth of its cloud business by making full use of its 5G MEC and dedicated line infrastructure, while developing new growth engines based on data services by expanding the industrial IoT business targeting sectors such as manufacturing, security and finance.

Additionally, SKT will focus on expanding its partnerships and collaboration with leading global companies to deliver a differentiated customer experience and expand its global presence.

SKT will continue to promote its ICT-based ESG management to solve difficult social issues through ICT services such as “ESG___ subscription” and “T Deal for small businesses”.

In addition, the company will make every effort to have a positive impact on society and the environment by reducing CO2 emissions through the deployment of solar photovoltaic base stations and the development of high-efficiency grid equipment, and by reducing the use of plastic through the promotion of the Happy Habit Project.

“With a sense of mission and responsibility as a leading service company in Korea, we will strive to create social value and help improve the quality of life,” said Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT. “Through these efforts, we will become a company admired and respected by its customers.


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