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Johnna Smith, CEO and COO and Ryan Smith, President

Silex Data Solutions was founded to address the market need for a truly vendor-agnostic that shifts the focus from infrastructure to customer data strategies. As Silex continued on this journey, they realized that the same need for an agnostic partner in their customers’ businesses extended across their entire IT landscapes. Today, Silex provides IT lifecycle management from end user, application layer, data policies to cloud. They also continue to expand their industry partnerships to ensure they are shaping the technology of the future, including liquid immersion, robotic process automation, blockchain and R&D with the world’s leading chipmakers. . This holistic approach to technology gives customers confidence that Silex is not just a reseller, but an industry leader delivering unparalleled value to its customers.

“Companies don’t buy technology for the same reasons they did five to ten years ago. Today, they’re looking at unique differentiators like ransomware protection, cyber recovery and virtual storage, including features like immutable snapshots and multi-factor authentication, interoperability,” says Ryan Smith, president of Flint. Comparing these capabilities with customer requirements requires diligence and industry knowledge gained through experience.

“We have also helped other clients identify what data should reside in the cloud and the associated costs to determine the financial impact of the overall cloud strategy”

Silex’s solution delivery involves a three-segment methodology that involves investigation, validation, and education. This step-by-step diagram is essential for understanding customer requirements, reviewing solutions, training their teams, and in doing so, empowering them as they embark on new IT initiatives.

During the investigation phase, Silex is constantly looking for emerging technologies that correspond to the distinct needs of the client. For the validation phase, they verify and inspect the vendors’ solution claims to ensure that it is well suited to the customers’ business environment. Finally, Silex educates the client’s team on the offerings and designs a long-term strategy to leverage the implemented solution to achieve their goals.

An example that best illustrates the effectiveness of Silex’s methodology is that a client with a large and complex business infrastructure approached Silex for a data storage solution against ransomware.

During the integration, Silex performed technology assessments and reviewed the customer’s existing investments in storage, backups, data centers and cloud.

They also looked at the effectiveness of the customer’s backup solution against storage snapshots to verify their readiness against ransomware.

Based on the client’s business objectives, Silex analyzed the benefits of implementing static media storage versus a cloud-based option. After reviewing available options, Silex helped the client design a solution that leveraged existing investments and helped them migrate to the cloud. Throughout the process, Silex trained the client on the implementation and operation of the newly developed solutions.

Businesses don’t buy technology for the same reasons they did five to ten years ago. Today they are looking for unique differentiators such as ransomware protection, cyber recovery and virtual storage, including features such as immutable snapshots and multi-factor authentication, interoperability

“We’ve also helped other customers identify what data needs to reside in the cloud, and the associated costs to determine the financial impact of the overall cloud strategy,” said Johnna Smith, CEO and COO of Flint.

Founded by industry veterans, Silex’s in-house team is the cornerstone of their success. With former healthcare, retail, software, manufacturing and finance executives, Silex has assembled a team that empowers them to tackle different verticals and drive results. By taking an agnostic approach and adopting the right IT strategy to solve customer problems, they have built strong and lasting partnerships with their customers.

Veronica J. Snell