ServiceTitan Review 2022 – Compare Field Service Software

ServiceTitan Case Studies

Any specs and prices we can round up can’t quite replace case studies that describe how well field service software can work for a real business.

Here are two examples of real operations that have chosen to use ServiceTitan, and how it has helped them reach the next level, thanks to its innovative integrations.

Services Tiger

“Before buying the TomTom Telematics system, integrated with ServiceTitan, we were just guessing where our men were at any given time,” explains Todd Kiefer, managing director of Tiger Services. “We wanted to give our office staff and technicians a tool that would help respond to customers who said we hadn’t shown up or arrived late.”

Operating out of the St. Louis metro area, Tiger Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical Services manages 28 vehicles and technicians in 160 square miles of service area. The addition of the TomTom Telematics system, integrated with ServiceTitan, allowed the operation to see the locations of traveling technicians in real time.

The change allowed Tiger Services dispatchers to start assigning their closest technician to a new job and dispatch jobs without text messages or endless calls. Technicians are also happier because a two-way communication feature allows them to respond easily from their vehicle while keeping their hands free.

“I would recommend TomTom Telematics and ServiceTitan to anyone,” says Kiefer. “We saw our investments pay off immediately. This has not only generated more jobs every day, but also more revenue for our business. »

rescue air

“As long as we’re able to use the ServiceTitan integration in Yelp, that’s a big plus,” says Josh Campbell, owner of Rescue Air Heating & Cooling. “[The integration] is just one more thing that makes us look more professional and differentiates us as a bigger, stronger company. This lets our customers know that we are striving to create a better customer experience. »

The Yelp business review site can have a huge impact on how many potential customers become actual customers. At Rescue Air Heating & Cooling, Josh chose to partner with ServiceTitan to harness all of this online activity and turn it into additional revenue by giving Yelp users a quick and easy way to schedule service through the business.

The integration in question allows customers to click a simple “Book Online” button on a business’s Yelp page, fill in a few quick details like the type of service required, the exact issue, the address, as well as a date and a time. In 15 minutes, the client has set up an appointment and the company can visualize their new client via the ServiceTitan software interface.

Three months after adapting the ServiceTitan Yelp integration, Rescue Air had increased bookings by $50,000, all from Yelp integration bookings.

Veronica J. Snell