RTL Today – Radio, television and online services: the government approves a public service agreement with CLT-UFA and RTL Group

On Tuesday, the government signed an agreement to contribute to the media activities of CLT-UFA and RTL Group from 2024 to 2030.

At the beginning of May, the deputies of the Chamber gave the green light to the project to entrust CLT-UFA and RTL Group with a public service mission, with 54 votes in favor of the agreement.

The government will provide up to 15 million euros per year to help RTL Group finance content of “general interest”, from 2024 and until 2030. As part of the contract, the CLT-UFA will is committed to developing advertising-free youth programming, as well as collaborating with the University of Luxembourg to develop media literacy. This last target will see the establishment of a new “Media Center” system.

Public funding will be used to cover any remaining shortfall after CLT-UFA’s own financial contributions and the use of their financial reserve, as well as annual revenues.

“Today, we are consolidating the stability of the public service by 2030, it is a big step that we are taking with confidence. It is a question of information, transparency and quality”, declared Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister and Minister of Communications and Media.

Elmar Heggen, Deputy CEO and COO of RTL Group, added that “RTL stands for independent journalism and entertainment – ​​across TV, radio and digital. Based on this spirit and the renewed long-term funding model, our teams will continue to provide an innovative and efficient public service to our Luxembourg audiences.

The above measures, coupled with better use of the opportunities offered by the various means of electronic dissemination and distribution, aim to provide the CLT-UFA with the means necessary to create and disseminate a high-level public service offer up to 2030.

Veronica J. Snell