Quincy driver’s license to require appointments for certain transactions, online services to be developed

QUINCY (WFEM) – Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced on Wednesday that over the coming months many larger driver services facilities in central Illinois, including the one in Quincy , will require appointments for road test driving, REAL ID, standard driver’s license and identity cards.

Secretary White said vehicle services, such as renewing a license plate sticker or applying for a vehicle title, will not require an appointment.

According to White’s office, after January 27, customers can visit Ilsos.gov to make an appointment up to 10 days in advance. New meeting slots will be available every day at Ilsos.gov.

Secretary White stressed that seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and pregnant women will be served without an appointment at all designated meeting facilities. They also have the possibility to make an appointment.

White noted that not all facilities will use the appointment-based system. Many small rural establishments will not need the appointment system because they are unaware of the large volume of clients that large establishments encounter. These facilities will all remain accessible to walk-in clients.

Extend online renewal to cope with high volume of customers

White’s office also announced Wednesday that it is expanding remote renewal for holders of driver’s licenses and ID cards.

This fall and until the end of 2021, the office will send letters to eligible clients with expired driver’s licenses and IDs requiring them to renew online, by phone or by mail.

The bureau estimates that this will eliminate the need for approximately 1 million people to visit a facility.

Additionally, White’s office said it will continue to send online renewal letters to drivers and ID card holders 90 days before their cards expire.

White said customers who must visit an establishment include new applicants for a driver’s license or ID card, new applicants for REAL IDs, and drivers aged 75 and over who are required by US law. State to visit an establishment when renewing their license.

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Veronica J. Snell