PUC to gather public comment on Colorado utility company’s power resource plan and clean energy plan – The Fort Morgan Times

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is traveling to Fort Morgan to obtain public comments on Xcel Energy’s current and projected electricity needs and generation capacity.

An in-person public hearing will be held Wednesday at the Fort Morgan Fieldhouse Multi-Purpose Room, 1239 E. Kiowa Ave., to comment on the first phase of the Public Service Company of Colorado’s (PSCo) Electrical Resource Plan (ERP) and Clean Plan Energy (PEC). PSCo is a subsidiary of Xcel Energy. The hearing, which is mandated by PUC rules, must begin at 4 p.m. and last until 6 p.m., or until concluded by the Commission. The three PUC Commissioners will attend the hearing in person or remotely to hear those present.

Those attending the public comment hearing must follow all applicable COVID protocols and must wear masks, in accordance with applicable guidelines on the day of the hearing. Individuals who do not wish to follow applicable COVID protocols, as well as those who cannot attend an in-person public comment hearing for any reason, can participate in the remote public comment hearing scheduled for the 2nd. December 2021, or may submit written comments.

All Colorado State employees will follow all state-required COVID precautions.
Members of the public can provide written public comments through the online portal which can be found on the PUC website at https://puc.colorado.gov/puccomments under procedure number 21A-0141E. Oral and written comments will have the same weight. Details on how to participate in the remote public comment hearing are set out in the decision setting the public comment hearings.

PSCo’s current ERP application is different from previous applications in that it is the first to also contain a Clean Energy Plan (CEP). The CEP sets out the additional activities PSCo must undertake to achieve the 80% reduction in CO2 emissions required by law by 2030. In this proceeding, the Commission reviews PSCo’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions in Colorado by 80% by 2030, as required by law, while providing reliable electricity service to its customers.

Individuals wishing to review PSCo’s ERP / CEP and written testimony and other documents that have been filed in this proceeding can access it through the PUC e-filing system, by searching for the proceeding number 21A-0141E.

Veronica J. Snell

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