Priyanka Chopra’s Reliance Jio 4G service app goes viral, hints at horrors of data breach behind it

So far you must have found yourself in the midst of the biggest revolution in the Indian telecommunications scenario, unless you are forgotten. Recent times will be significant for the history of telecommunications in India, with Reliance Jio taking everyone into its “network” of influence. Apparently the telecom service provider has already opened its services commercially to the general and anyone can apply for the Jio 4G sim. You would be surprised to know that even famous names in the country also get their hands on the Jio 4G sim. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who goes high abroad, also came home to hook up “Jio”. At least, that’s what the snapshot of his Reliance Jio application form, which has gone viral on WhatsApp, tells us.Also Read – Reliance Jio’s New 4G Plans Released: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About New And Revamped Prepaid And Postpaid Plans

Now, while we don’t know the source of the photo of Priyanka’s app that went viral, the actress herself has not commented or intimidated her interest in the Jio 4G simulation. But before we all assume it’s a fake, it certainly draws our attention to what might be behind it. Millions of people queuing outside Reliance Digital stores and to grab a sim, stores have been taken by storm. Reliance digital stores receive thousands of applications every week. These applications carry important information about customers. If we ignore the fact that the viral image on WhatsApp is Priyanka’s app, then what we are objectively seeing is a leak of crucial information from someone who applied for a Jio sim. (READ ALSO: Reliance Jio 4G: steps to transfer your number to Reliance Jio 4G SIM card via MNP) Also Read – Reliance Jio 4G No Longer Free, Here’s How You Can Track Your Data Usage

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In the photo, a passport number is clearly visible, has her PAN number, has the passport photo of the actress and most likely also bears the signature of Priyanka Chopra. This might not be of any use to a layman, but could be a lot of information for any potential mess.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this type of data leak can already occur by looking at the amount of constantly updated information on Reliance Jio’s customer database servers. Reliance Jio has already created its own economy, with many sellers of Jio sim in black for Rs 500 to Rs 1000, in stores.

Obtaining a Jio SIM card is a little more expensive than the normal process for customers and service providers. Reliance Digital Stores executives are also juggling their means of handling a massive amount of apps and queries in a day. The company was aware of the Jio connection black market and has already made a plan to best deal with it. The activation process using KYC machines is likely to reduce the connection mix and match (READ ALSO: Reliance Jio 4G SIM: Take these documents to get the fastest 4G SIM)

It is understood that the people working behind Ambani’s most ambitious projects of all time have a lot to do, but after taking certain information required from clients, they are expected to keep this information secure and at ease. their disposition. Reliance is targeting 10 million subscribers in one year, which means that information from 10 million people will reach the company. Faced with such numbers, key controls and data security are becoming a priority for the company.

If we are to believe the image circulating in social media circles and if Priyanka Chopra’s app is genuine, then the situation becomes scarier. If celebrity information can leak, commoner information might just as well leak, causing chaos and unwanted worry for everyone.

If not stopped soon, the biggest revolution in Indian telecommunications history could become the cause of the biggest data breach in Indian history.

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