Pixel Pass is Google’s bundle of devices, online services and subscription

A new leak discovered by Mr. Brandon Lee gives us our first information on Google’s Pixel Pass subscription service. In essence, users will pay a predetermined monthly fee and have access to a Pixel phone with extended warranty and device upgrades, as well as Google Fi network coverage and Google’s proprietary services including Google One, Play Pass and YouTube Premium. Stadia is not explicitly mentioned in the leaked image.

Google Pixel Pass details (Image: Twitter)

If this all sounds familiar to you, it’s basically Google’s take on Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program where users get the latest phone every year and the Apple One service which is all the major ones. Cupertino’s online services and streaming platforms in a single monthly payment. The leaked image also specifies that users will be able to trade in an old phone when switching to the Pixel Pass program and that there is even an option to purchase a Pixel Pass subscription through Google Store. At first glance, Pixel Pass will most likely be an American exclusive at launch.

There is no mention of the price of the Pixel Pass, but with Google’s October 19 event now confirmed, we should get more details on the plan with the launch of the Pixel 6 series.

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