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In the modern world of work, there is one thing businesses and employees want: accountability. Employees want more control over their time management, and employers want employees to be able to make the most of their working hours, which in some cases means not being bothered by administration. With technology evolving at a fairly rapid pace and the way businesses operate being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are looking for new ways to minimize the time their employees spend in the office, while maximizing the time they work. work that their team is capable of doing. Nowadays, freeing up time and empowering employees is made possible by using innovative self-service software. Such software is designed to allow employees to perform certain administrative tasks that were previously performed by HR with HR Software, within the company office. Self-service software gives employees the ability and permission to view their payslips, request time off, update their personal details, or submit complaints for things like travel. Everything is done online, reducing the need for paper and employees can access the self-service portal from anywhere.

Benefits of ESS software

When it comes to software, aside from having more self-service options that your employees can fully utilize, there are several ways that this will be of great benefit to you:

  • Self-service software for employees is easily integrated into businesses of all shapes and sizesbecause it is designed to be scalable. The same goes for industries because this software is also suitable for all types of industries.
  • The the software is quite affordable, considering how it will revolutionize the way you approach your daily activities and considering that you will be able to use the software to its full potential.
  • Everything is web based. This centralization of data means that anyone who needs it and has permission to access it can do so, from anywhere in the world, while the data will be stored securely online. It cannot be stolen or tampered with because the security is designed to be strict. In addition, with the web application, there is no need to use paper at all.
  • There is the convenience factor. Having the ability to access this service at any time of the day or night can take the stress out of thinking that everything needs to be done immediately.
  • The system can be accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones. This is again a practical benefit as it gives the employee a variety of ways to access the information they need.
  • Data entry is precise. This is especially important if you are looking to use employee self-service systems to modify all basic employee information as entered by the individual.

PayDay Visual (ESS)

PayDay Software Systems is a company dedicated to helping run businesses run smoothly, and has developed a number of easy-to-use software systems to help simplify time and attendance and allow employees to take full control of the business. administration that they can do, with the right tools. PayDay Visual is PayDay’s own user-friendly employee self-service system that is useful for several reasons as well as fulfilling very specific HR roles. Here are some features that make it a must have for businesses:

  • Access to payslips to PDF payslips that can be printed, saved or emailed
  • It allows electronic updating of basic employee information by the employee himself, e.g. bank details, address, etc.
  • Consult the holiday balances directly
  • Submit online time off requests and overtime claims (after an automatic approval process before updating to the live system)
  • Leave and overtime matrices are available to managers
  • It provides direct access to view and print current and previous payslips as well as IRP5.
  • The payslips for the last 11 months are available.

What does this imply? In summary, PayDay Visual is a self-service online app for employees that allows employees to log in from anywhere to view their leave balances, submit time off requests online, view their progress. requests and update their personal information. Employees can update their addresses and bank details without having to engage directly with the HR department. It is a time saving solution for managers and employees. The system always stays up to date and the uploaded information is immediately visible and available to all parties involved.

IRP5 document

The IRP5 document is one of the most important documents for employees as they are required to submit it as part of their annual tax returns. He understands:

  • Employee’s personal data
  • Details of employee’s income i.e. salary, bonus etc.
  • Details of employee deductions i.e. pension, medical assistance, etc.
  • PAY paid to SARS by employer.

Printing on paper and issuing this document is a thing of the past. Payday visual is a whole new world of paperless technology that will help streamline HR processes and give employees the convenience of instant access to their processed IRP5s online and the ability to print them at their own pace. You might also be interested in Payroll courses

Advantage of having PayDay Visual

It is an affordable self-service application that scales to any size of business. The company logo can be added to payslips, allowing employees to get proof of income if they want, for example, to open store accounts or apply for other types of credit. It is exceptionally accessible and supports all types of browsers on devices, such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All administrative functions related to employee information can be fulfilled online, which helps to streamline the HR function. Access control and limitations can be set on the data that can be modified, downloaded or deleted to ensure its integrity. Automatic backups of data and information stored in the cloud ensure highly secure data. With PayDay’s exceptional and innovative software systems, you can simplify administrative processes and empower staff at the same time. Visit the PayDay website now:


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