Online services Kolkata drivers can now get duplicate driving license online


The state government on Tuesday introduced digital platform-based provision for 18 types of services, including issuance of duplicate driver’s license, change of driver’s license address and granting of driver’s license. ‘a certificate of registration to the NOC using Aadhaar authentication.

An order issued by Rajesh Kumar Sinha, the transport secretary, said the use of digital platforms “will ensure transparency and good governance” and “help provide convenient and hassle-free services to citizens.”

Almost all of these services required applicants to line up and travel from office to office to do the work of the transportation department until now.

Senior officials in the department said the authentication process will consist of two stages – the first signing by the applicant through the mobile phone number linked to Aadhaar and the second, biometric verification of the applicant.

“In applying for a duplicate driver’s license, for example, the applicant had to physically appear before a motor vehicle inspector with all documents in original as part of the verification process,” said a senior official in the Department of Motor Vehicles. transport. “Once the verification is done, the documents are sent for approval before the duplicate is finally released. With this new system, there is no need to physically present for any verification. Everything can be completed online.

Officers said an applicant looking for any of the listed services should visit the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website under and then follow the flowchart for Aadhaar authentication.

“This will ensure contactless delivery without having to pay extra amount to a stranger,” the officer said.

Regulars at motor vehicle offices across town have often complained about touts stealing from them to provide basic services. Those who do not want to go this route said they had to go back and forth from one window to another before a service was rendered.

A section of senior officials said the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued a similar directive in March 2021 allowing citizens to benefit from contactless services.

Several states had struggled to put the online mechanism in place immediately. The government of Bengal has been working with several IT industry agencies over the past few months to ensure that 18 different services under the Department of Transportation are available through the Aadhaar online authentication process.

Tuesday’s notice said the ordinance would come into effect immediately and would cover various services, including issuance of an international driving license, temporary vehicle registration, duplicate registration certificate and termination of contract. hire purchase.


Veronica J. Snell