Mortgage services company working to help Hispanics in Central Florida buy homes

A mortgage company is working to help Hispanics in Central Florida realize their dream of buying a home.

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Data shows that Hispanics have a harder time getting a loan and buying a home due to the financial difficulties the community faces when trying to get a loan.

Even though more and more Hispanics are moving here to Central Florida, the percentage of those who are denied loans remains about the same.

Photos: Mortgage services company working to help Hispanics in Central Florida buy homes

Oswaldo Cabreia is a first owner who left Venezuela.

“At first we were rejected several times,” Cabreia said. “We came from another country. These are new rules, all new.

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That’s why Ameriuno opened a location in Kissimmee this week.

The Mortgage Service Center offers help in Spanish and English and walks people through getting that home loan.

This is their second location in Central Florida, having opened a location in Orlando in 2020.

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In studying loan applications from Hispanics, the company discovered that only 15% of them were approved.

Ameriuno said only about half of Central Florida’s Hispanic population owns their home, compared to about 75% of non-Hispanic whites.

Part of the problem is that Hispanics save money in untraditional ways, which makes it harder to prove they can repay the loan.

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Veronica J. Snell