Mobile taxi service application introduced in Kazakhstan

ASTANA – TOUCHka Ltd. has developed a mobile application, TOUCHka, which is an analogue of the Uber application in Europe and America. The app allows residents and guests of Astana and Almaty to order a taxi with the touch of their smartphone, and unlike other taxi services, TOUCHka does it all online.

The company only uses new cars, produced no later than 2012 or 2013, and offers free Wi-Fi and a charger for smartphones. Customers can use credit cards or Kazkom Bank electronic payment to pay. Average bills in Astana are 700 – 800 tenge (3.86 – 4.42 USD).

One of TOUCHka’s co-founders, Yermek Ospanov, admits that the app is not their own invention. Instead, the company applied the best aspects of similar mobile apps in the United States and Europe in Kazakhstan.

“In highly developed countries, it is becoming more and more normal to use such services. It’s safe and it saves time and money, ”he told The Astana Times.

Ospanov also noted that in Kazakhstan’s two largest cities, Almaty and Astana, people have a habit of waving taxis on the street, which is not necessarily the safest way to get around the city. city. Nowadays, however, an increasing number of taxi users are starting to worry about their safety.

“As far as the drivers are concerned, we are very picky. First of all, they interview our managers. Second, they provide us with a number of documents and certificates, such as a certificate of good conduct, certificates from addiction and mental health clinics, and so on. Third, they pass an exam on their knowledge of the city and receive professional driving training with a client, ”Ospanov said.

According to him, the company doesn’t just care about comfortable and safe travel – it also wants customers to save on transportation.

“Our prices are significantly lower than those of our competitors; however, they are a bit higher than if you hail [a cab] on the road, ”he said.

“In addition to providing a customer with a comfortable, fast and affordable commute, our app can partly solve traffic problems. A similar mobile app in Moscow reduced the distances traveled by empty taxis from 10 kilometers to 2.5 kilometers. In Israel, this distance is only 700 meters. Such a good result has been obtained because only the closest driver is assigned to a certain customer, which solves the traffic problems of the city ”, underlined the co-founder.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Market or the App Store.

Veronica J. Snell

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