Luxury Interior Designer Haleh Aleman Launches Affordable Online Services ‘Home Wellness Interior Design’

Design your home with well-being in mind

Home wellness interior design logo

Home wellness interior design logo

Design your home with well-being in mind

Design your home with well-being in mind.

– Haleh Aleman

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2021 / – Renowned interior designer Haleh Aleman (formerly Alemzadeh Niroo), the founder of renowned luxury design company Haleh Design, Inc. launched an online design service known as Home Wellness Interior Design, LLC (HWID). This new company combines both its passions for health and the environment to offer everyone access to unique and beautifully designed spaces to live and work. health and wellbeing in mind.

Haleh Aleman works in Washington, DC, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills and San Diego and has amassed an elite international clientele by completing luxury projects from 20,000 to 55,000 square feet. “Health and well-being are our real luxury,” says Aleman. This forms the basis of her work to create comfortable, beautiful and healthy living environments, adapted to the needs and demands of each of her clients.

Aleman has a background in design as she was born from an executive and a textile innovator who helped strengthen Iran’s reputation in high quality upholstery and silks. It was a combination of his upbringing and a classical upbringing in France, numerous international trips and formal design studies which all influenced Haleh’s luxury design style which marries the culture and elegance of the European life with environmentally friendly choices.

The remarkable success of Haleh Design inspired Haleh Aleman to create Home Wellness Interior Design. This design brand specifically aims to make holistic interior design services more accessible through a simple online resource so that clients can achieve a home that promotes health, happiness and a sense of sanctuary. Customers can access holistic interior design services that partner with sustainable, environmentally conscious suppliers to deliver organic and non-toxic materials and products.

HWID was inspired against the backdrop of the global pandemic, a time when everyone was forced to spend more time at home and reassess their living space. Haleh’s primary goal through HWID is to help people around the world create the unique personal spaces they want in every room of their home while integrating health and wellness, ultimately loving where they are. live and work with any budget!

The Online interior design package was created with wellness in mind and offers clients the opportunity to bring their interior vision to life with the help of one of Haleh’s interior designers. Priced at $ 500 per room, guests get a variety of design concepts and revisions to suit their personal needs, as well as two 30-minute one-on-one video consultations with an interior designer.

Once the clients have submitted their questionnaire and given all the relevant requirements including their budget, the designers will provide the client with two preliminary designs which will include inspiration photos. When selecting their final design, the designated designer will refine the approved preliminary design and add secondary parts and accessories. A final design is then sent to the customer along with an online shopping list before concluding the process with a final video call to finalize the design and answer any outstanding questions.

Health and wellness services are also available for guests to add to their interior design package as a la carte services. These include a Feng Shui service that helps clients select colors that are beneficial to their health and well-being, placement of furniture, selection of artwork and plants to create a flow of Zen energy. as well as auspicious directions.

Dowsing services are also available and are a powerful way to move energy around your home or office by detecting invisible earth energies present and disruptive to people living or working in the home. During the dowsing process, a professional Diamond © dowser is able to find and heal negative vibrations in a client’s home or office. This service can help increase focus, productivity, improved mood, and many other health benefits.

House Clearing is another à la carte option available to customers that brings multiple benefits to their home as a harmonious environment. When cleaning a home, people generally report that they sleep better, feel more peaceful and happier in their home. This service is also available to clean an office to create a happy and connected workspace, thus increasing focus and productivity.

The main goal of Home Wellness Interior Design is to ensure that every client achieves a healthy home that rejuvenates and supports body, energy and spirit. This is made possible through the selection of sustainable furniture, beautiful designs and natural materials, all guided by the expertise of a renowned designer.

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