Local tree service company educates homeowners on tree removal signs in RI

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, USA, May 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Big things are afoot at a local RI tree felling business this season. Bobby Matthews and his team seek to educate the community on the signs and symptoms of trees that need to be removed. The company emphasizes that it is essential that home and business owners are aware that moving services are necessary to avoid property damage and injury.

“Knowing when a tree should be removed is absolutely vital for anyone with trees in their landscape, regardless of size. We launched the tree removal awareness program last year, and it has been a success. However, hearing horror stories of trees falling off rooftops, cars, and even beloved pets was very sad for us, which is why we aim to keep the local community updated. signs,” said Bobby, owner of Rhode Island Tree Removal.

One of the telltale signs that a tree is past its prime and needs to be removed is the presence of a hollow trunk. When a truck is hollow, it means the whole tree is dead. In addition, hollow logs are very likely to fall randomly during the next wind or storm. This can be very bad news for surrounding buildings, power lines or vehicles.

Another sign that tree felling in RI is imminent is the presence of disease. Now, there are ways to cure some tree diseases, but others need to be removed to stop the spread of infection. Unfortunately, it takes the skilled, trained eye of an experienced arborist to make that call, but luckily Rhode Island Tree Removal has a few.

“I remember when a huge weeping willow that was standing near my daughter’s playhouse showed signs of rotting. I called Bobby Matthews to schedule an appraisal. Once he completed the survey, it was determined that the trunk of the tree was completely hollow and was about to fall at any moment! It was really scary to think that my child could have played under the tree. Bob and his team quickly cut down the weeping willow and everything was fine,” said Cindy Gomer, a local landowner.

When educating homeowners on the signs that trees need to be removed, Bobby M. and a few of his arborists list the most common symptoms to look out for as well as the more subtle ones. Additionally, this is a great time for homeowners to ask questions such as what they would do if they discovered a diseased tree and whether or not the company offers 24-hour emergency service.

Bill Thomas, an arborist on staff at Rhode Island Tree Removal, said, “I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with other RI homeowners. Trees are majestic things, but they can also be terribly dangerous if they aren’t maintained properly. It’s amazing how many trees that appear to be healthy have actually turned out to be very diseased and a strong wind falling.”

One of the more subtle signs that a tree needs to be removed is dead, broken branches at the top of the tree. It is often very difficult to notice these branches because of their height. Other limbs and foliage also protect these branches. By having a professional inspection, these branches can be uncovered and the overall health of the tree can be revealed.

Rhode Island Tree Removal is the region’s premier tree and shrub care company. They are loved by everyone who hires them because of their experience, great customer service, and affordable prices. Finding tree removal services is a big deal, and all homeowners should know when these services are needed. Fortunately, companies like Bobby’s are leading the way in helping the community understand the signs.

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