Kiwibank’s online services down again

Some Kiwibank customers say they have lost patience with its online services which are crashing again today.

Online banking services and the bank’s mobile app were inaccessible to some customers this morning.

There have been a series of blackouts over the past month, amid a wave of cyber attacks on major New Zealand websites.

A customer posted on the bank’s Facebook page that she “had no more patience for this.”

“Your service is no longer reliable and we are no longer there. You have definitely lost me as a customer as soon as I can, I am changing banks.”

Another woman said blackouts happen too often.

“Being able to access my own money should be easy and available! “

A customer asked if the bank would pay its late fees for not being able to make payments on time.

“Hey Kiwibank … are you going to pay my late fees and interest charged by other companies because I can’t get my bills for what appears to be the 4th time this month ???

“How can we trust you with our money when you can’t even run a simple online banking forum that all other banks seem to be able to do.”

Some just wanted an explanation of the cause of the ongoing issues.

“Can we have an explanation for these problems? It has been happening too often for too long now. “

In a Twitter post, Kiwibank said it knew some customers were having difficulty accessing its mobile app and internet banking this morning.

“We are currently studying this issue. Thank you for your patience and we will keep you posted. “

But that patience wears off with customers, with one customer telling the bank to stop asking for patience.

“Stop it! Start telling us how you’re going to make up for it, compensation for embarrassing us on your errands or being late with bills … and fix this for good! “

Kiwibank is not the only organization to have been affected by IT problems recently.

Earlier in September, cyber attacks took Kiwibank, ANZ, NZ Post, and MetService offline.

Cert NZ confirmed at the time that it was aware of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) targeting a number of New Zealand organizations.

It is not clear at this point whether the latest issues that Kiwibank has experienced are again related to a DDoS attack.

Veronica J. Snell

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