Home Service Direct Generates 106 Exclusive Leads for New Tree Service Business in One Week

Huntington Beach, California – After weeks of independent operation, San Bruno Tree Experts realized that their efforts were bearing no fruit. While his marketing team worked hard to generate sales-qualified leads, too many leads ended up falling through the cracks. To increase business results, the CEO of the company had to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency.

“Home Service Direct seemed like a good company to partner with based on their years of experience,” said the CEO of San Bruno Tree Experts. “When San Bruno Tree Experts did their research, everyone was surprised to learn that Home Service Direct had been serving tree service providers for almost a decade. Testimonials left by companies that have worked with Home Service Direct in the past have indicated satisfactory results.

The CEO of San Bruno Tree Experts noted that when his company contacted Home Service Direct, he was surprised when the team offered to provide 5 shared leads in one day for free.

“Home Service Direct CEO Mr. David Longacre has indicated that his company is committed to ensuring that every tree service provider is satisfied,” said the CEO of San Bruno Tree Experts. “He added that to prove that his digital marketing company can deliver the desired results, his team will provide 5 shared leads for free within the next 24 hours.”

Home Service Direct reportedly delivered all 5 shared tracks as promised. The marketing company also advised San Bruno Tree Experts on how to approach potential customers.

To see all of the services offered by Home Service Direct, visit the company’s website: https://www.homeservicedirect.net/.

“Even though the free leads were shared with San Bruno Tree Experts and another tree service provider,” said the CEO of San Bruno Tree Experts, “the commercial department managed to close three of the leads, generating a little over $4,000 in revenue.”

After seeing the results Home Service Direct could generate for his tree care business, the CEO of San Bruno Tree Experts decided to hire the digital marketing firm immediately.

“One thing that impressed San Bruno Tree Experts was realizing that Home Service Direct prices were extremely affordable,” said the CEO of San Bruno Tree Experts. “To cover marketing costs, all the company had to do was use the revenue generated from any of the lead shares received from Home Service Direct for free.”

Home Service Direct reportedly provided San Bruno tree experts with an average of 15 tree service leads per day.

“San Bruno tree experts have decided to choose the tree service’s exclusive lead generation over the shared lead option,” the company’s CEO said. “Although the shared leads the company received for free worked extremely well, the sales and marketing teams wanted to know that the leads that came to them were not being pursued by another tree service company.”

In one week, Home Service Direct delivered 106 exclusive tree service leads to San Bruno Tree Experts. The tree service company reportedly closed over 95% of the trails.

“The sales team was proactive when it came to reaching out to every new prospect,” said the CEO of San Bruno Tree Experts. “However, the sales team was extremely impressed when they realized they had to do a lot less to convert leads into paying customers. When the company compared the revenue generated by Home Service Direct to the amount paid for marketing, it was clear that the return on investment was extremely high.

Home Service Direct says its offices are still located at 20122 Bayfront Ln #201, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, USA. Tree service companies, however, can reach its offices via +1 714-243-8790 and [email protected]

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