Hiring a Professional Services Company Can Help Optimize Cannabis Operations

Producers will often face the challenge of not having enough employees to perform more labor-intensive tasks such as pruning, chopping and leaf stripping. These jobs are labor intensive, so producers may find themselves in a position where they need extra help for a day or two to complete tasks without taking tasks away from current employees. To maximize potential and speed up harvest times, many growers rely on outside professionals to quickly complete more labor-intensive tasks.

It is difficult to find good quality help, especially when it is only needed periodically. With so many moving parts in the growth process, the “no experience necessary” approach is costly because it takes a lot of time, money and effort to train someone in every aspect of the job.

Many producers turn to recruiting companies for help, only to find that the quality of workers sent to their facility is below average.

Many new hires who claim to have years of experience fall short of industry expectations, and recruiting companies are not set up to properly verify their experience or provide one-on-one training. This adds unnecessary costs to producers who now devote time and resources to training their staff.

Veronica J. Snell

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