Fulton School Board approves cloud-based food service software

An electronic catering service proposal was approved Wednesday night at the Fulton School Board meeting.

Food Service Manager Amy Lee found a few areas that needed to be addressed when it came to efficiency.

After attending a few professional development events, Lee said she realized there was software out there to address some of the areas that needed more efficient processes.

The food service did not use any software specific to school nutrition services.

Lee had requested and obtained virtual demos from three different companies (LINQ, Heartland and Horizon).

All three were very similar and had all the different items that would improve electronic food service function with two specializing in K-12 food service. Quotes have been received from LINQ and Heartland.

The processes had been done by paper and pencil. With the new software, the product can be put into inventory.

The ordering process would be efficient with menu planning and nutritional analysis. The application process would be simple.

LINQ was the recommended vendor and is recognized as the nation’s fastest growing school nutrition software solutions for school districts. It was built by former nutrition operators and is the most user-friendly with the least impact on software technology.

LINQ is completely cloud-based and can be run from anywhere you can access the internet.

Benefits include automation and streamlining of food service. It would comply with nutritional standards and electronic reporting for auditors.

The ordering process would be efficient with menu planning and nutritional analysis and the request process would be simple.

LINQ provided a three-year quote to prevent the school district from incurring price increases for the first three years.

The first year includes professional services for remote training and implementation.

The first year total is $13,295.00, the second year is $8,895.00 and the third year is $31,085.00.

The school board agreed with Lee that the program would make food service work easier by pushing a button to store everything electronically instead of having filing cabinets and folders with information.

The school board approved LINQ’s three-year quote.

Veronica J. Snell