Elden Ring online services not working for Xbox players

Elden Ring features FromSoftware’s online summons and invasions, but many Xbox players are unfortunately unable to take advantage of these mechanics.

Terminate the recent launch of Ring of Elden, many Xbox gamers are reporting issues with the action role-playing game’s online services. FromSoftware’s new title takes players into the open world of The Lands Between, which is full of hidden secrets and brutal enemies. Ring of Elden features online multiplayer, like previous FromSoftware titles, although many gamers are currently unable to access the popular feature.

The online multiplayer features present in Ring of Elden follow closely in the footsteps of predecessors like dark souls and transmitted by blood. All of these games can be extremely challenging, but players can use special in-game items to summon other players for help. A successful summon will bring another player into the summoner’s world, allowing an entire team of online players to fight through The Lands Between. However, Ring of Elden also sees the return of online invasions, which allow a hostile player to enter another online player’s world with the goal of killing them for a reward. Ring of Elden hit 600,000 concurrent Steam players shortly after launch, so there’s unlikely to be a shortage of allies to summon or invaders to battle.


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Unfortunately for happy co-op fans, Kotaku reports that Elden Ring’s online services are down for many Xbox players. These players are reporting that they get a network error message every time they try to connect, even when their own internet connection seems perfectly stable. Kotaku suggests the problem may be a calibration update, 1.02.1, as it seems Xbox users without this update are the ones with network issues. Publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that Xbox’s online issues are being investigated, although an official fix has yet to be released.

Elden Ring Coop Multiplayer Summons

Alongside the ongoing Xbox network issues, other notable bugs unfortunately plagued the otherwise thrilling launch of Ring of Elden. Fixes and performance fixes for Ring of Elden have been confirmed by FromSoftware, although no specific timeline has been given. Frame rate issues, in particular, plagued the PC version of the game, regardless of a player’s specific hardware configuration. The PlayStation 5 version of the game, meanwhile, suffers from a game data save bug that caused some players to lose significant progress on their ruthless journey through The Lands Between.

The release of Ring of Elden was highly anticipated by many FromSoftware fans, and since its launch, the game is considered a masterpiece. Unfortunately, the soulslike open-world adventure has a number of frustrating issues that require immediate attention from its developer. Online play is an important part of any soulslike title, and many Xbox gamers are currently forced to experience the fantasy epic on their own.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Kotaku

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