Delivery service company no longer coming to Danville | News

DANVILLE — A business that was considering applying for a liquor delivery service license under a new classification created by Danville City Council and located in Danville is no longer looking for a location here.

Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. announced that the company would not come now due to market issues.

Williams and City Clerk Lisa Monson said in November the city was approached by a multi-billion dollar company that provides goods and services that wants to deliver alcohol as part of their delivery service.

The company’s main business is not liquor delivery, but the city needed to create a mechanism for the company, if it set up shop here, to do so, Williams said.

Earlier this month, City Council approved a new PD liquor license classification for liquor delivery services.

City officials expected the company to be an immediate candidate.

At Tuesday night’s town council meeting, council heard a public comment read by Williams from Stroud Liquors owner Guarang Patel, who is still seeking a video game license for his South Gilbert Street business.

As the city council considers The Big Easy restaurant’s request to increase video game licenses, Patel also wants one for his store.

He said he obtained a building permit, liquor license and certificate of occupancy from the city for a game room in February 2021. He also received an Illinois video game license from the state in June 2021.

The city did not have an open video game license, however, and had it on its waiting list since June 2021.

Patel said he spent $20,000 on an unoccupied arcade. He made numerous demands of the city council to reconsider his position, especially since another liquor store, the Blue Store, was granted a state license on the same day as Stroud Liquors and was also licensed. video game company Danville, according to Patel.

“It’s not fair to my store,” he said in his public comments.

Patel said his business is struggling with the pandemic and he’s again asking the council to reconsider an increase in the city’s video game licenses for a liquor store because he plans to increase them for a new restaurant.

Williams said the licenses were first-come, first-served and others had filed applications before Patel.

Ward 5 Alderman Mike Puhr said the council is considering increasing licensing under certain classifications.

Williams said city officials hope to present a proposal to the city council’s public utilities committee next week.

Also on Tuesday evening, the council learned that 75 people had already registered for the Glow Downtown 5K on March 4.

Danville City Council meetings will be back in person starting March 1.

In other matters, the city council approved:

  • A budget amendment of $100,000 in additional demolition costs for the old Danville Township Building, Adams Building and equipment repairs.
  • Harrison Park Golf Course fees are increasing.
  • A budget amendment due to sponsorships for First Friday events downtown. Williams said more than $40,000 was raised for the events and they needed to update income and expenses.
  • Purchase of a rebuilt engine for a 2011 Gillig low floor bus from Cummins Crosspoint of Normal for $65,773.50 including rebuilt engine installation and warranty.
  • A $46,900 professional services agreement with Farnsworth Group for land acquisition services, including environmental assessments and the acquisition of surrounding properties for Danville Mass Transit’s planned renovation and expansion of administrative and management facilities. DMT interview at 101 N. Jackson St.
  • A collective agreement with Local 703, Labourers. The contract covers around fifty public works workers and the police mechanic. It is retroactive to May 1, 2021 and runs until April 30, 2024. Changes include: increases of 2% in 2021 and 2023 and increases of 3% in 2022; the working week will be from Monday to Thursday throughout the year; normal hours of service are 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with a 30-minute meal period year-round; the new employee progressive pay scale system is now at the beginning of year 1 the employee will be at 80% of the full job classification scale, year 2 at 90% and year 3 at 100% (the old system was a five-year progressive system starting at 75% of full worker scale 1 ); the residence is now within 45 miles of the city and no residence tax contribution; full-time trial period extended from 30 to 90 working days and for part-timers from 60 to 90 days; removes the requirement for every new employee to have a Class A CDL and adds a one-time cash payment of $200 for any employee who voluntarily obtains their Class A CDL; other changes with mechanic in training, clothing allowance, insurance contribution, paid holidays, vacation schedule, overtime and layoffs.

Veronica J. Snell