Costco members can now get discounts on Apple online services

If you are a Costco member, you can currently take advantage of sales from various Apple online services. The big box retailer has cut subscriptions for Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus and Apple TV Plus (via MacRumors). The going price for a year of Apple TV Plus or Apple Arcade is usually $49.99, but either is currently available through Costco for $44.99. A year of Apple News Plus would typically cost $119.99 when purchased monthly directly from Apple, but Costco has reduced that same subscription to just $89.99.

As the name suggests, Apple Arcade provides access to a number of exclusive mobile games that are not available on other devices. Just note that you will have to pay a fee to buy games in addition to your Apple Arcade subscription.

Apple News Plus bundles paid subscriptions for a number of media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. You also get unlimited access to a wide variety of magazines, like the new yorker, popular science, Sports Illustratedand Wired.

Like many other streaming services, Apple TV Plus comes with its own library of original and exclusive content. This platform is the only place where you can currently enjoy shows like Ted Lasso, For All Mankindand Central park. However, unlike other Apple services, Apple TV Plus is available on a variety of platforms outside of the Apple ecosystem, including Roku devices and Amazon Fire TV.

Veronica J. Snell