Cheapest online services to renew your registration disc

A wide range of online providers can help you renew your vehicle registration disc, so you don’t have to go to a post office or a Driver’s License Examination Center (DLTC) yourself.

Hundreds of thousands of South African motorists have had trouble renewing their driver’s license cards over the past few months.

There are several reasons for this – but a major factor is that the service is limited to DLTCs – which have been riddled with system issues and corruption.

Luckily, getting your registration disc hasn’t been this complicated in years.

While it is possible to renew in person at your nearest post office branch, you can also choose one of many public and private service providers to handle the process on your behalf.

Private providers saw an opportunity to save motorists the time and effort of queuing, acting as an agent between them and the issuer of the license disc.

For this service, they usually charge a very small service fee and also offer you the option of having your license disc mailed to your home or office.

This is no longer limited to small operators who only work at the regional level, but has evolved into services at the national level with thousands of customers.

Even one of the major banks in South Africa – FNB – offers license disk renewal feature through their mobile app since June 2017.

The bank charges a service charge of R199 in addition to the vehicle registration fee which depends on the tare of your car. ETF fees fund the administration and delivery of your disc.

Food retailer Pick n Pay has also launched a license disc renewal service in January 2022for which it now charges a service fee of R250 and a courier fee of R99.99.

In terms of government initiatives, South Africa Post and the Road Traffic Management Corporation launched online license disc renewal services this year.

Although MyBroadband has had rather disappointing experiences using these services, they are among the cheapest, at R147 and R171, respectively.

Some motorists might prefer to save a few rands and wait an extra week. Others might argue that private providers don’t charge much more for their service and delivery fees and are worth the extra cost.

The table below compares popular vehicle registration disc renewal services in South Africa, ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

It does not show the registration fees themselves, which vary by vehicle weight and province of registration.

Online License Disc Renewal Services
Service provider Provinces available Service/administration fees Shipping cost Total price
South African Post Office All R72 R75 R147
Road traffic management company All R72 R99 R171
PayCity Gauteng / Cape Town R72 R99 R171
eNATS online All except Western Cape R195 Included R195
ETFs All R199 Included R199
motor hero Gauteng KwaZulu-Natal Limpopo / Free State / Eastern Cape / Northern Cape R199 Included R199
Renew online Gauteng / Limpopo R95 R115 R210
ZA license Gauteng / Limpopo / Free State / North West R230 Included R230
EasyRenew Gauteng / KwaZulu-Natal R220 (debit order)
R250 (TEF)
Included R220 (debit order)
R250 (EFT)
Sorted Gauteng / Western Cape R300 Included R300
Choose and pay All R250 R99.99 R349.99
ChatBack Gauteng / Western Cape / KwaZulu-Natal / North West / Free State R72 + R300 R130 R502

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Veronica J. Snell