Bold Group – Solutions/Services Company

Alison Forsythe, President

Bold Group began as Bold Technologies four decades ago to elevate the technology capabilities of leading security companies and vendors with critical alarm monitoring solutions. True to its mission, the company recently combined its forces with three other prominent players in the market, Perennial Software, Secure Global Solutions (SGS) and Security Information & Management Systems (SIMS), to become today an industry powerhouse. Security.

Bold Group is owned by EverCommerce, a leading service commerce platform, as part of a strategic initiative to drive successful customer experiences for Bold Group’s security and alarm solutions.

Today, Bold Group’s portfolio includes Steps, an automation platform for enterprise-level alarm monitoring, Manitou, a robust and flexible alarm monitoring platform for the monitoring center modern, and SIMS, a simplified Windows-based alarm monitoring software. These solutions serve as the operational backbone for security operations, monitoring centers and security resellers, driving efficiency to protect life and property. In addition to this, Bold Group offers enterprise management solutions, Managely, SedonaOffice and AlarmBiller, specifically designed for the security industry. These tools provide security companies with a deep level of operational knowledge and help improve results.

Behind the scenes of these powerful tools and systems is Bold Group’s experienced management team led by Alison Forsythe, President of Bold Group, who has dedicated the last three decades of her life to IT and is considered a leader of opinion in the business software industry. Under Forsythe’s able leadership, Bold Group is now focused on maintaining the established excellence and heritage of its founding companies while leveraging their combined skills to bring more powerful and innovative products to market.

“The convergence of four industry leaders into one and our focus on innovation helps security companies move from using fragmented tools to a more robust integrated approach that delivers insights and supports growth” , says Forsythe.

Bold Group recently launched Managely, an enterprise management solution designed to meet the unique needs of security companies and alarm resellers and integrators.

Managely demonstrates Bold Group’s commitment to helping small and medium security companies accelerate their growth. The software provides powerful features to manage accounting, invoicing, workflows, CRM, inventory and central station integration, from a single platform. It also offers business intelligence and predictive analytics through an integrated version of Microsoft Power BI, and integration with the review management platform, pulseM, helps drive organic growth.

The convergence of four industry leaders into one and our focus on innovation helps security companies move from using fragmented tools to a more robust integrated approach that delivers insights and supports growth

These capabilities help Bold Group customers leverage new technologies to better solve real-life challenges. A case in point is a monitoring center and monitoring service provider serving 700 security resellers in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada who requested Bold Group’s assistance in replacing their current outdated monitoring software with a automated web solution that would allow them to evolve and grow. Bold Group implemented the Stages platform which reduced data entry, and its API flexibility enabled the creation of custom user interfaces. As a result, the client was able to send and pull data from the monitoring center in real time, allowing them to gain efficiency and respond to emergencies more proactively.

Building on more than 40 years of success, Bold Group now plans to expand cloud-based versions of its solutions to help security companies run more efficiently. Additionally, Bold Group is introducing more flexible APIs to its product portfolio by partnering with industry-leading companies, such as Microsoft, pulseM, and WeSuite. Recognizing that the industry is constantly changing, Bold Group is committed to providing additional features and solutions that will help security companies take advantage of the best proven business management and alarm monitoring solutions.

Veronica J. Snell