Bitcoin and real accounts services company receives R $ 25million – the clare people

fintech of Recife Zro Bank, a digital bank that provides real accounts and Bitcoin, announced on Tuesday (19) the receipt of a contribution of R $ 69 million during its first round of investment, via a fund created by the Multinvest Capital asset manager.

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    The startup’s investment fundraising, which is part of the same group as the Bitblue exchange house, is expected to be completed with even more value in the coming days, according to the statement. The reason will be the entry of a large company into the financial market, not yet announced.

    One of the new partners that make up the fund created by Multinvest is Silvio Meira, Chairman of the Board of Porto Digital in Recife. “Zro Bank is one of the most exciting fintechs in Brazil, with immense potential in the global market and unique leadership in the area of ​​building new innovative businesses for entrepreneurial growth, from Recife to the world,” says Meira .

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      Image: Disclosure / Sergei Tokmakov / Pixabay

Running for just one year, the Zro Bank app has recorded more than 350,000 downloads and completed more than R 2 billion in currency conversions. “We intend to reach the milestone of one million downloads by the end of next year and to double the current number of contributors, which is 69 people,” said Edísio Pereira Neto, CEO of fintech.

The resources will be used to expand the team, marketing actions and focus on new products, such as increasing the currency portfolio.

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