Battlefield 2042 Beta not working: Fix for infinite load “Connect to online services”

The Battlefield 2042 The Early Access Open Beta period is now available to pre-order customers, as well as anyone with an EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Unfortunately, however, some gamers find themselves unable to enjoy the BF 2042 beta on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC. After launching, it is possible to enter an infinite loading loop on the “Connect to online services” screen. For anyone having trouble with the Battlefield 2042 beta not working, here’s the latest quick and easy fix.

Battlefield 2042: How to Fix the Endless “Connect to Online Services” Bug

Here’s how to fix the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta starting issue:

  1. Wait five minutes to see if the game finally loads.
  2. Restart the Battlefield 2042 game application.
  3. Reset PlayStation, Xbox, or PC hardware.
  4. Check for new game updates available.
  5. Visit the @EAHelp account for status updates of the BF 2042 server.
  6. Check the internet connection:
    • Restart the Internet router and / or modem.
    • Switch from a Wi-Fi connection to a wired Ethernet connection.
    • Try switching to a mobile data connection (additional charges may apply).
  7. Wait and try to play again later.

After exhausting the first six stages, players are likely not to launch Battlefield 2042 due to high demand. The Open Beta lasts for a limited time and gives players the opportunity to experience the latest entry in a popular franchise pre-launch. As a result, there is a huge demand and high stress on the servers which can cause problems. This is the most likely scenario for the Battlefield 2042 beta to not work.

Of course, it’s also important to remember that Battlefield 2042 is still a work in progress and users aren’t playing the final version. Connectivity issues are normal for the course, and potentially even a good thing at this point; finding and fixing bugs before the release date is good in the long run.

For more help with Battlefield 2042, be sure to bookmark the EA server and constant shooting bug fixes. Additionally, get information about the BF 2042 cross play in the open beta.

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