ATMs in ration shops; online service centers for online services also on the anvil | Kerala ration cards

Thiruvananthapuram: ATMs will be opened in ration shops in association with commercial banks. At the same time, electronic service centers will also be set up to provide online services. The projects will be inaugurated as part of the first anniversary of the state government.

ATMs will be available at approximately 2,000 ration stores across the state. In the initial phase, there will be an ATM in each panchayat. There will be more than two in the municipal / corporate area but priority is given to rural areas. The Department of Food, Civilian Supplies and Consumer Affairs has had discussions with two commercial banks for the installation of ATMs.

Recently, smart ration cards in the form of ATM cards have been distributed. The government is also planning to introduce smart ATM ration cards. Discussions have taken place with the National Computer Center and the banks on this subject. Cardholders can also deposit up to Rs 5,000 and withdraw money through ATMs.

Plans to open Akshaya centers as well as ration shops are also on the anvil. Machines that are unable to read the fingerprints of workers doing cashew-related work will be replaced with iris-scanning security systems.

A box will be placed to report consumer complaints. Complaints about corrections made to ration cards at the request of the ‘Thelima’ diet can also be filed in this box. A special campaign will be carried out from December 16 to 31 to resolve complaints at the Taluq level.

Veronica J. Snell