ATM and Self-Service Software Trends and Analysis 2022ATM Marketplace

For the 15th consecutive year, ATM Marketplace and KAL ATM Software have partnered to publish the most influential and insightful annual guide to the ATM industry, “ATM and Self-Service Software Trends and Analysis”.
Customers are always looking for ways to make their day-to-day activities more convenient, and banking is no exception. Customers expect advanced technologies to deliver new features and convenient transactions across all banking channels, including ATMs. New emerging standards and technologies such as XFS4IoT will provide the foundation for future innovations and hopefully help deliver new services to delight banking customers.
In this hour-long webinar, host Marylin Bell, KAL’s Chief Marketing Officer, discusses the report’s findings with a focus on some of the global trends shaping the future of ATMs and omnichannel banking, including:

  • The future with XFS4IoT and how it will transform your ATM network in the years to come
  • Find the right mix of channels and services, including contactless transactions, remote cashier support/video, and mobile phone integration.
  • Ongoing challenges around Windows upgrades and possible alternatives to Windows

About the speaker

Maryline Bell
Marketing Director
KAL ATM Software

With extensive experience in the information technology industry, Marylin has over 18 years of experience leading commercially successful marketing and communications strategies.

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