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After more than a year of development and private beta, Assistly is now making its SaaS customer support platform available to the public. Assistly provides businesses with an easy-to-use platform to engage customers on everything from emails to Facebook and Twitter.

Assistly helps businesses collect and organize all of their customer conversations into a priority action list and provides support staff with the tools they need to respond to customers. The app allows businesses to filter conversations, access customer histories, automate processes, and even access social media conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. And Assistly provides users with key metrics and analysis, such as case volume, interaction volume per channel, response time, service levels, agent performance, and more.

In terms of pricing, Assistly offers a per-seat pricing model, which ranges from $ 39 to $ 99 per seat. The company has also developed a “Flex” pricing model, which allows users to purchase usage time for users who are not full-time agents (i.e. You can create Flex seats at no cost per seat Assistly then tracks the total Flex connection time for the month and invoices based on usage.

Even in private beta, Assistly has managed to attract a number of top clients. Currently, over 100 companies use Assistly as part or across their customer support environment, including Twitter, DirecTV, Vimeo, Disqus, Stocktwits, Bonobos, Ticketfly, Mochi Media, Fitbit,, Grooveshark, and Brightscope .

As we’ve written in the past, the team behind her talks about the potential of Assistly. The site was founded by Alex Bard, Gary Benitt, Jeremy Suriel and Brad Birnbaum, who each worked together to build customer service companies in the 1990s. The first, called eShare, was acquired in 1999; the second, called eAssist Global Solutions, was finally acquired in 2004 after it stumbled in the bursting of the dot-com bubble. After acquiring eAssist, three of the team members left the space to launch Goowy, a maker of Flash widgets. The team came together to develop Assistly in the customer service space.

And Assistly has Mark Cuban and David Liu as advisers. The startup, which faces competition from Zendesk, received $ 2.2 million in funding from True Ventures and Howard Lindzon’s Social Leverage investment fund.

History of Assistly from Assistly on Vimeo.

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