Al-Qatrani appoints new manager for Benghazi service company by force, outgoing manager says act was illegal

A group of vandals broke into the general services company in Benghazi and tampered with its furniture and documents, said the director of the services company, Tariq Al-Badri.

According to Badri, the group acted on the instructions of Ali Al-Qatrani, deputy prime minister of the parliament-backed parallel government based in the east.

In a press release, the head of the service company said the group had destroyed the building with the support of the Benghazi Common Security Chamber.

Al-Qatrani has appointed a person loyal to him as the head of the Benghazi service company, Badri says, seeing this as interference and a clear violation of the law.

He stressed that he would not hesitate to use force if necessary when he visited his office on Sunday, because his position is legal, as he said.

The law stipulates that the appointment of a new director of the General Services Corporation must be issued by the Minister of Local Government, insists Badri.

“Those who tasked Al-Qatrani with running the company have broken down doors, vandalized, robbed and assaulted employees, and this move is aimed at stealing the company’s allowances in Benghazi Municipality.”

He said the local government minister of the parallel government had denounced the incident and denied all actions taken without his authorization.

A video released online shows an unidentified group storming the company building and handing over the keys to Al-Qatrani’s newly appointed manager.

Veronica J. Snell